Our aim is to solve your communication needs, giving you access to opportunities and information in other languages and helping to transmit your ideas and projects to other countries and cultures. We are a solid team of professional translators specialized on different areas:

Certified Translations

It comprises the translation of documents that require the seal and signature of Certified Translators and which need to be legalized at a Sworn Translators’ Association. Our translators are registered in the Sworn Translators’ Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA) and specialize in sworn translations from English into Spanish and vice versa of the following documents: -Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates.
-Passports and personal documents.
-Syllabuses, academic transcripts and education-related documents.
-Commercial documents (power of attorney, minutes of assembly, contracts, by-laws and other corporate documents).
-Technical and scientific documents, patent for invention, intellectual property, copyright, wills, judicial decisions, files, rogatory letters and financial statements.
-Regulatory documents.

Enterprise and business

Business translation services, helping you take your business into new markets. Translation services for business with specialist translators for in-house legal contracts, global HR documentation and corporate communications, across a range of sectors.


Guaranteed accuracy on technical translations across a range of sectors, including IT, engineering and medical.


We provide quality translations for:
-Educational Textbooks
-Modern & Classic Literature
-Poems & Songs

When you entrust your documents to us, you can rest assured that they will be translated without errors or omissions, delivered on time and treated with the utmost respect for client confidentiality. In all our translations we aim to capture the message of the text in a way that is as clear as the original, without falling into the extremes of obscurity or over-simplification. We will be glad to become your new strategic partner and aid you in all your communication and translation requirements